Coming Mid-November

                  Hold on to your Hats, Pardners!                  Myrtletown Wagon Trail  

                       Live Actors! Challenging Games! Family Friendly!

 Our Main Escape Games will Continue to Run. The Myrtletown Wagon Trail is an additional game.


Themed Live-Action Adventure Escape Rooms

Non-frightening adventure games
Solve clues, puzzles, riddles and secret codes to escape your room
Accommodates 2  to 10 people

9713 North Kings Highway Myrtle Beach SC  

Text: 843- 213-1586

Small or Large Group Games Available  

Waterway Court Yard Seating Accommodations : If playing multiple games– we offer outside seating in our Waterway Court Yard.  Bring your cooler to enjoy your favorite picnic/beverages as you wait your turn to play.  View the waterway, boats and a game or two or corn hole in our Courtyard. No time limit:  enjoy an evening with us. Watch the sunset on the waterway and chill.  We may even have a live band from time-to-time.

  Jersey Mike’s and Haniol Fusion Restaurants offer take-out and both are located beside of Riddles Escape Room in the same center. 










60 minutes and the clock is ticking...

9713 North Kings Highway Myrtle Beach SC
Text Questions to: 843-213-1586


It’s easy to book online now. Choose your day, time and the number of players in your party. Perfect for date night, friends, family, co-workers, birthday or wedding parties! Recommended for ages 12 – 13 and up. Ages 17 and under require adult accompaniment.


Locked in a room together, your group of 2-10 will search for clues, solve puzzles and work together to escape a themed room for 60 minutes. You’ve just stepped into a live reality type game.


Find the hidden objects, break secret codes, follow clues and solve puzzles to earn the escape bragging rights. Work, laugh and solve together! What you think you see isn’t what you see!


With a group? We've got you covered

Book online!

Recommended for ages 12 and up. Younger players may participate with earlier game times or private family private game rooms. (see below)

$25/person  for  Grande Strand Hotel Escape  (up to 8 players)
$25/person for Marooned Island Escape (up to 8 players)                                                                                                  $25 /person for House of CARS Steampunk Mansion (up 6 players)
                                                                    $18.00/person VR Space Station   (up to 6 players)                                                                                                         $18.00 per person Claustrophobia (2 players)        

VR Space Station:  Ages 8 and up are welcome to play. We may need to adjust headset for our younger players. Great family game!

If you do not book the entire room, you may be paired with other guests to fill up the game availabilities. It’s still fun!

Larger Groups: Marooned Island, Grande Strand Hotel, House of CARS Steampunk Mansion  Escapes can hold more players with the SAME party.

Please text: 843-213-1586 for booking instructions/pricing.

Private Rooms:  Grande Strand Hotel and Marooned Island:

up to 6 players: 157.00                                                           7 players: 182.00                                                                     8 players 197.00                                                                        9 players 220.00                                                                     10 players  237.00


Myrtletown Wagon Trail  Escape with Live Actors Pricing

Book online!  Coming soon!

Adults: Ages 17 and up: $20.00/person
Children: Ages 12 to 17 $13.00 /person
Ages 7 to 12 $8.00/person
6 and under are Free
Children UNDER age 16 will not be admitted without an Adult over 21 to participate and we will card…smile.

Group Reservations Accepted and Offered Outside of Normal Game Hours.

Please Text or Call with Questions: 843-213-1586   

Pricing subject to tax and applicable booking fees.


Answers to common questions below...

What is an Escape Room?

You and your group have one hour to discover puzzles, riddles, clues or crack secret codes in order to escape the room. The escape room game originated in Japan and is based off escape the room video games created by Toshimitsu Takagi in 2005.

Is the room really locked?

No! Safety is our top priority; the room isn’t really locked. You may leave the game and the escape room at any point.

Are there cameras in the room?

Yes, indeed. Each room and adventure is closely monitored on close-circuit cameras.

What time should I arrive and how long is my adventure?

Plan approximately 1.5 hours for our adventure.

Don’t be late! The adventure begins promptly at your scheduled time. Late-comers are not permitted as it disrupts the entire adventure for everyone.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking. We must maintain a strict schedule; if you arrive late you may not receive the full 60 minutes in your room.

The fun starts immediately. Prior to the adventure, you will be given your challenge and information needed to play the game, then placed in your Room. You have 60 minutes to exit. After the game, your Room Master will discuss any of the clues you missed and snap group photos for you in the Riddles Lobby.

Do I need to bring anything with me? Or wear anything special?

Bring your fun mindset and wear what’s comfortable. You won’t be lifting heavy objects or climbing. There are no clues in dangerous areas, such as lights and electrical outlets.

You may need to get low to the floor (or sit on the floor to be exact) to examine something closer, but you won’t be moving furniture. Use only your minds with these adventure.

Umm…since we are at the Beach, we better remind you not to wear that bikini. Swimsuits are for the pool and beach, not an Escape Room.

Do you give hints or help us?

Maybe. We monitor your progress throughout the adventure. Your Room Master will provide hints if you get stuck – it’s all about having fun!

How Many People Can Be in Our Room?

If your group doesn’t book all of the available spots, available spots are available to other groups. You could possibly be paired with another group. If you want to book an entire room, you will need to purchase maximum capacity for that specific game room.

We Want To Bring the Family, Including the Kids. How does that work?

Kids love these games. They may need your help, but they are pretty good about locating clues.

Children over 12 are welcome provided they are accompanied by a parent or guardian or you have the entire session for your group.

You must book the entire room if children under 12 are participating, so feel free to add people to your group when you book the kids!

It’s not a good combination to place children with unknown adults and unknown adults with children. We prefer to keep families together.

Email or call the Office to allow us to assist with your family booking and rate.

After 5 pm, the family rate is full price. Before 5 pm, ask for our Family Promo Code.

Can I Bring My Cell and Take Photos or Video?

Nope, photos or video-taking is prohibited inside the rooms. If you bring your cell phone, it is locked in a secure area prior to the adventure and returned to you after the game ends.

The idea is to allow each player a new and exciting adventure without advance information. If players are informed of clues or puzzle answers prior to the game, their experience isn’t as enhanced.

*We reserve the right to ask you and your group to leave the room, with no refund, if you are taking photos or taping during the Adventure.

Can I Change My Reservation?

Yes, provided it’s not within a 24-hour window of your Adventure time. No changes are permitted within 24 hours of game time.

Email or call the Office for assistance or click VIEW booking in your email and modify.

More Questions? See our FAQ page

More Questions? See our FAQ page


Do you have what it takes to escape?

Click here to check our schedule or make a reservation with Riddles Escape Room!

Clients Review On Facebook


    thumb Kyle Benn

      We had a great time! We are already planning to go back!

    thumb Lori Wilcox Jones

      Loved it! Will definitely go back again and try a different theme.

    thumb Sharon Tuohy

      Really cool and fun place with great Owners and Staff! Can't wait to go back and try more rooms!

    thumb Amanda Genest
  •   Excellent family time teamwork skill building. We had an excellent time together.

    thumb Blakely Canfield

      We had so much fun!! The staff is amazing and so nice!! Def will do it again in the near future.

    thumb Nikki Mosser Gasque

      We decided on a whim to buy tickets during our weekend getaway and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Riddles is owned by a great family and the room we chose was very well thought out and fun. We will definitely be back!

    thumb Amy Judge

      We did the strand hotel, marooned five and the virtual room. All were great definitely recommend them all! The virtual room was amazing! We didn't know what to expect but it was totally worth it! It's something totally different. If you get motion sickness I would try it.

    thumb Elizabeth Martinez Ankney
  •   First time here and it was great. Really enjoyed it and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

    thumb Anthony Huggins

      We went to both the standard escape room and returned a month later to do the virtual reality escape room. They both were awesome! It's worth it; check & see if groupings have a deal. And the staff was kind....we skipped over a couple that were close to us to go over to Riddles!!!! �

    thumb Lovisa's Journey

      So fun and really nice staff! Thank you we will be back!

    thumb Ladonna Stockwell

      awesome time! very well thought out hour flew by and we got out just in time!

    thumb April Bankert
  •   Loved the escape room! We just visited Friday evening and we all loved it! The owners really put a lot into making sure the group enjoys it!

    thumb Jessica Smith


    thumb Travis Wells


    thumb Samantha Fox

      Amazing room, very well put together! Staff is incredibly friendly and will make you feel welcome!

    thumb Andrew Hawkins
  •   We gave this experience to our good friends for Christmas and we all went on New Year's Eve. What a fun way to finish off 2016. This location was very professional and well run. The attendants did a wonderful job briefing us on what we were about to encounter and monitored our progress in an encouraging way. The design of the room and all the secrets it held was excellent. We definitely recommend this to any group looking to have a fun and challenging adventure.

    thumb Kathy Lindsay Cox

      Had so much fun!!! My husband originally didn't want to do it. After completing the Grande Strand Hotel Escape Room, he's ready to go again. The staff is very considerate and kind. They made sure our experience was a great one!

    thumb Pamela Woods

      The place was neat. The person that we dealt with was very professional, friendly, and made it fun. Neat props to do pictures with afterwards.

    thumb Sharon Peterson Perdue


    thumb Rick Stine
  •   I have been to both escapes at Riddles Escape Room and had a great time! The staff are wonderful to work with and really try to accommodate the guests. I would highly recommend it!

    thumb Yvonne Phipps Cooper


    thumb Colleen Mary Grogan

      Our group of 8 ranged from ages 12-75. Two people in the group were complete strangers to the rest of us, but within 2 minutes of being in the room it was if we had known each other forever!. The staff was Amazing and really fun! They laughed with us, at us, and at themselves. They truly wanted us to have a great experience and we did!! Can't wait to try another room at Riddles. My theme for this vacation is "making memories" and this experience is definitely memorable.

    thumb Michelle Lewis

      My wife and I booked the hotel escape room and were paired with another couple...we have done many escape rooms and it was their first time. The owners were very helpful and knowledgeable. They helped make the couples first time a blast and our next adventure AMAZING!! I highly recommend it. We also tried the virtual reality space station escape and that was soo cool as well!!

    thumb Jeff Bower Jr.
  •   Our crew had a blast! Thanks so much!! The kids want to come back already!!

    thumb Stacey Tedder Runey

      So much fun! Great activity to spend quality time with friends.

    thumb Kindle Marie Baumgarten

      Going in, none of us knew what to expect. It was so much more fun than we thought it was going to be.

    thumb Jane Sittambalam


    thumb Laurie Parker

    thumb Emily Cohen Long

      Legit 10 times better than expected! HIGHLY recommended!!!

    thumb Daniel Pilon


    thumb Brynna Sawyer


    thumb Justin Householder

    thumb Jolie Householder

      Awesome! I've done both Riddle rooms at this location with my family and both times we had a blast. This is a great place to visit while in the Myrtle Beach area. Fun for adults and teens. (Younger ages too but they would have to be assisted by the adults.) This is a great place to get a group of friends together and see how teamwork pays off. We were fortunate to try their new Virtual Reality escape room. If you want to experience an "Out of Space" experience book this room as soon as it's available. What other attraction can you combine friends, family, fun, adventure, intellect, technology and teamwork? You must try this!

    thumb Christopher A Iannone

      This was a great time! Very fun and entertaining! I did this with my husband, daughter and her boyfriend. A time we will not forget together! Very worthwhile, and a great way to have some good, clean fun with family or friends.

    thumb Jill Croghan Hite


    thumb Meredith Wallace
  •   We had so much fun and the staff is very friendly! Can't wait to go again.

    thumb Emberly Carter


    thumb Hilary Johnson McCarthy

      We all had a Great time! I'm sure we will be back as you get your other rooms open! Thanks!!!!

    thumb Karla Kutlus Faircloth

      The escape room was very fun. Great for all ages, my eleven year old brother enjoyed it more than us.

    thumb Dakotah Rabideau


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