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Please note the following regarding all bookings for Riddles Escape Room:

  • Your purchase is non-refundable
  • No Cancellations will be accepted
  • If you are late and/or or miss your reservation, there is no refund. Just as with any other show time, our games operate on a set schedule.
  • Reservations may be changed with 24-hour advance notice
  • Participants need to arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your Adventure start time
  • Please double-check your booking date and time.  Please DO NOT BE LATE. Late comers are not admitted causing disruption in the game. There is no refund.
  • Our escape adventure games do not require specific attire or skills
  • *****Children under 8 to 17 require a Parent or Guardian to participate in the adventure. Sorry, but we do not allow children under 8 with public sessions. You may book a private session to bring smaller children. ***We prefer Children are with their Families only and not paired with other Guests.***PLEASE NOTE our games are not designed for children at this time. Our escape games are complex and designed for teen-agers to adults. **However, children are able to contribute when placed with their Family, who can provide additional attention to their safety and over all experience. The Public doesn’t watch out for your Child. They are here to play. We want to ensure the safety of all our Guests.**NO CHILDREN under 7 are allowed at this time unless we are able to schedule a private session and hold a dialog regarding safety.
  • **Note** if you have not booked the entire escape adventure block, you may be paired with other guests. Our rooms hold 8 guests. Remaining availability for a particular time slot is based off 8 guests.
  • **You are required to have FUN! OK, now we sound bossy. Come ready to PLAY!