A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Marooned Island Escape

June 5, 2017 was an interesting day for Riddles.  Our original game, the Island Escape, was forced to change its name overnight.

We received a letter from the attorneys representing a certain entertainment group, with the number “5 “in the title,  that we weren’t able to utilize our initial game name with the word “five” in our title.

Therefore, we dropped the “five” and became Marooned Island Escape. 

For one thing, they have deeper pockets than we do.

And for another thing, they have deeper pockets than we do. 

Goodness, to get noticed by the “5” artists was exciting….sort of….

We are simply a local family that loves “locking” players up to see if they can escape.

Our goal is to offer fun entertainment, take care of our customers  and create lasting memories.

We thank their attorneys that were so kind and helped us confirm our new game name would not be an issue.

We prefer to stay outta trouble.

So there you have it!  


Congrats to this fun couple from  NC!  Escaping is a nice feeling.