Claustrophobia 2-Player Escape


The SMALLEST Escape Room Game in the Country!

30 minute adventure, Escape Extreme for only 2 people.

Be forewarned: We ramp up the intensity in this room.

And we don’t apologize.

You knew before entering….. this room is extreme.

Not to worry; we’re here if you need us or chicken out.

You’ve heard of tiny houses. Well, this is a tiny room.

You have 30 minutes to unlock the code or you become a Riddles statistic of fails!

Better bring someone you like or reach out for us to pair you with another victim…we meant,  escape partner.

Need an adrenaline rush?

This room might be  little scary. …..just saying.

But nothing jumps out or touches you.  Must not be claustrophobic!

Can you out-wit us?  Do you have what it takes?

See if you can join the elite club of Claustrophobic Escapees!


Waterway Court Yard Seating Accommodations for  Groups: If playing multiple games, VR Space Station Escape (6 players)-Marooned Five Island Escape (8 players) – Escape from the Grande Strand Hotel (8 players)  or Claustrophobia (which is only large enough for 2 players) — we offer outside seating in our Waterway Court Yard.  Bring your cooler to enjoy your favorite picnic/beverages as you wait your turn to play.  View the waterway, boats and a game or two or corn hole in our Courtyard. No time limit:  enjoy an evening with us, watch the sunset on the waterway and chill.  We may even have a live band from time-to-time.

  Jersey Mike’s and Haniol Fusion Restaurants offer take-out and both are located beside of Riddles Escape Room in the same center. 



Umm….You and your escape partner made a wrong turn that may be costly.

You’ve been invited to tour with world-renowned archaeologists as they study a private pyramid that is exclusively opened  1 day every 10 years.

There are 500 participants; you are guests and known to only a few attendees. 

This elite group of  experts warned you not to touch the walls; however, curiosity warranted that you touch just this one beautiful, shimmering and alluring spot of pure gold. 

Now you find yourselves trapped in a hidden, unknown chamber within the pyramid. The clock is ticking.

You aren’t missed out of a group of 500; you are merely invited guests.

You  have  30 minutes to devise your escape or the pyramid tomb will be sealed for another 10 years.

This isn’t quite how you planned your tour!

Can you escape or become one of the tomb’s residents for the next 10 years…… or beyond? 




2 participants