Halloween Jamboree Un-Haunted Escape *Runs thru Halloween


Coming September Through Halloween 2017 


There is a shortage of Free Spirits and this clan is recruiting.
You have stumbled upon their camp unknowingly.
Realizing quickly this was a mistake, you wish to escape lest you vanish forever with their nomadic lifestyle. Time is running out; they leave tomorrow.

Perfect for the entire Family, The Halloween Jamboree is our attempt at a non-scary
Festival intertwined with an Escape Game.

Reservations Accepted 
This is a Rolling or Continuous INDOOR Escape Game.
Players will wait their turn to enter the Clan Camp and try to escape within the hour.

Live Music and Free Face-Painting will be available while Players Wait during certain times.

Each group starts their adventure approx. 5 to 10 minutes after the previous group begins.

If you don’t escape within the hour, it’s not our fault.
You somehow didn’t please the Clan Recruiters.

It’s highly possible you and your group are still meandering within the camp looking for more clues. Well, good luck with that!

Also plausible, you are in timeout, as you watch another group pass you. Yep, you can speak to them…but don’t expect their sympathy. They are trying to beat the clock too.

Solve puzzles, collect tokens, decipher clues, and suck up to a Free Spirit to wind your way out….IF YOU CAN!

By the way, this group is not made up of the brightest bulbs in the pack. They cannot do magic and certainly can’t tell your fortunes.

Hopefully, however, they can make you think and bring a good laugh.

Pay at the Door Or Reserve Online

Cash Pricing at the Door

Adults: Ages 17 and up: $20.00 +tax
Children: Ages 12 to 17 $13.00  +tax
Ages 7 to 12 $6.00 +tax
6 and under are Free
Children UNDER age 16 will not be admitted without an Adult over 21 to participate and we will card…smile.

 Group Reservations Accepted and Offered Outside of Normal Game Hours.

Please Text or Call: 843-213-1586   

Book online now!

Minimum Group: 4 players
Recommended Group Size: 6 to 7ish (we can work with you)
Larger Groups can break into smaller groups and follow each other in sequence.
Most Groups should escape within one hour. Others may take a little longer, but sooner or later, you’ll escape.

*Note 1: If you are a group of 2 and don’t have any friends, we’ll find a few friends to pair you up when you come play, cool? We need 4 players for each group minimum.

**Note 2: if you bring crying babies or toddlers/children that disrupt the game, expect a Clan Recruiter to Help you “Escape Quicker”>>> Just sayin’ …..

***Note 3: We apologize in advance if you are a Free Spirit, have been a Free Spirit, wanted to be a Free Spirit, and well, goodness, to all the Free Spirits in the world. We thought this would be fun. Come laugh with us.

****Note 4:  We are comedians. None of our themes are intended to offend ANY group of people ANYWHERE on the planet.  If we offended any time -travelers, however, sorry about that!