Marooned Island Escape




Can you escape the island after being marooned for five nights?

Bird Island, the locals’ paradise island, is magical with its white sandy beaches, wildlife, serene ocean surrounds and boats of all sizes parading the channel or anchoring out for a relaxing excursion. Located North of Myrtle Beach, between Cherry Grove, or Little River Inlet  and Sunset Beach, this Island comes alive with locals and tourists, with dolphin cruises, chartered fishing vessels and pleasure crafts.

You’ve decided to charter a vessel with friends for the day and after some time at  Bird Island, you decide to venture out into the ocean to the Gold Island. The locals tell you not to attempt…too risky they say.

You’ve heard about this island. Only a few can find it ….yes, it’s that remote.

The name is enticing and suggestive ….GOLD…..could the legend be real?

In the summer of 1718,  the “Gentleman Pirate” himself,  Stede Bonnet is rumored to have hid some of his loot on this tiny island when he heard Colonel Rhett had dispatched warships from Charleston, SC in search of him.

The loot is there. You know it! You’ve search the internet; it’s never been found.

Your Captain has been there and explored it personally, but only with an experienced crew.

You’ve convinced him you can handle this mysterious mission and will give him part of the find.

But the island isn’t where he remembered; it’s not on a map.

Using precious fuel, miracuously he locates  it and off your group goes to search for the gold.

What you didn’t plan for was lack of provisions…… and primarily fuel.

And you have very little…not enough for the sail back to  Little River.

Not to worry, a vessel will certainly be in the area soon.

Or will it?

You’ve been marooned now for 5 nights. Supplies are low and now the weather.

What could be worse?

You’ve got 60 minutes to get yourselves off this deserted island before the big storm hits.

Will you make it off in time?


*Non-frightening Adventure






2-8 participants *Family Friendly with Adult Puzzle Assistance