Escape Room Details

Myrtletown Wagon Trail

Price: $10-$20 | Duration: 1 Hour | Family Friendly |
Up tp 8 Public Players, Over 8 Call to Book

Are ye smart ‘nough to see what this little town cannot? Could the thief be right under their mustaches? Is the town destined to remain at the beach forever? Join us for a fun-filled, interactive escape game. Each game is played directly to your private group to accommodate your players.  All adults can expect a more challenging game. Younger players in the mix? No worries. We modify to ensure they can participate. Non-scary

Challenging puzzles; Children can participate with adult assistance. Non-Scary. *Tickets are discounted for the season! Adults, Youth, Children pricing.  No discounts or coupons are needed nor accepted with this game as the ticket pricing is reduced. 

27235038 – wild west wagon and general store

Grande Strand Hotel

Price: $25 | Duration: 1 Hour | 2 – 8 Players

Luxurious oceanfront resort located on Myrtle Beach’s Grand Strand boasts all amenities a 5-star resort could offer. There’s just one slight problem. All guests check in, but most never leave. Where are they? Will you become one of the missing? The mystery continues… Let the games begin!

Ages 10 and up may participate with adult assistance. 

House of CARS Steampunk Mansion

Price: $25 | Duration: 1 Hour | 2-6 Players (Up To 8/party)

What is Steampunk? Think Wild Wild West in the Victorian era with gadgets, gears, and fantasy. You have 60 minutes to prove you are the heir to the Steampunk Mansion and escape.  Your Adventure Begins…

Ages 10 and up may participate with adult assistance. 


VR - Space Station

Price: $20 | Duration: 1 Hour | 2-6 Players

One of the only Virtual Reality escape rooms on the East Coast! Work as a team to escape a futuristic space station.  From the comfort of your chair, take on space avatar, fly through space, manipulate objects and solve puzzles to escape.

Ages 10 and up may participate with adult assistance. 

Claustrophobia Extreme

The Smallest Escape Room In The USA

Price: $18 | Duration: 30 Minutes | 2-Player

You’ve heard of tiny houses. Well, this is a tiny room. And we don’t apologize. You knew before entering… this room is extreme. Not to worry, we’re here if you need us or chicken out. This pyramid closes in 30 minutes and will not be re-opened for another 10 years. Can you escape?

Marooned Island

Price: $25 | Duration: 1 Hour | 2 – 8 Players (Up To 10/party)

Bird Island, the locals’ paradise island, is magical with its white sandy beaches, wildlife, serene ocean surroundings, and boats of all sizes parading the channel or anchoring out for a relaxing excursion. Gold Island is fictitiously located north of Myrtle Beach, between Cherry Grove, or Little River Inlet and Sunset Beach, this island comes alive with locals and tourists, with dolphin cruises, chartered fishing vessels, and pleasure crafts. Can you escape with the Pirate Treasure or will you be lost forever?

Ages 6 and up may participate with adult assistance. 

SCUBA Underwater Laboratory

Coming Soon!

20145391 – tropical underwater shot splitted with island and sky

Pavilion Midway Escape

Coming Soon!

Coming Spring 2020
fireworks in the sky