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All Games Are Indoors & Family Friendly! Family Discount Available For Children Ages 8 to 12, Children Under 7 Are FREE!

Tavos7 Spaceship Escape

Traditional Escape Game with Hi-technology

60 Minute Duration | 3 – 6 Players | $29.95 Per Person

Here’s your chance to pioneer the galaxy travel industry aboard the most luxurious domestic spaceship in the world.

A high-tech, fully immersive walk-around escape room. (Not a VR escape game)

You WON! After entering a contest discovered via the dark web, you and your party won a trip of a life-time: a luxury lunar orbit space voyage!

Mystery Mansion

Can You Escape the Mansion?

60 Minute Duration | 2 – 6 Players | $29.95 Per Person

You are the sole heir of a fortune that you knew nothing about until a recently, expressed letter arrived.

Four generations ago, there lived an inventor. And that inventor, turns out, is part of your lineage through marriage.

His invention is worth billions in today’s market.

Gather your group quickly. You must claim your fortune before the imposters arrive.

Certainly, you didn’t think this type of wealth would go unnoticed? There are others claiming to be the sole heir. And they play dirty.


Take what is rightfully yours.

InterAction GAME LAB

The Newest Technology in GAMING

60 Minute Duration | 3 – 6 Players | $29.95 Per Person

Step into a live, immersive game. Walls become touch-screens with advanced control consoles and lighting effects. ANYONE can play. Adults will enjoy The Heist, an escape game that players must physically move about the game board. Kids (ages 5 and up) have several games that will get them moving and jumping! 7 games of choice during the 1-hour game time. Children ages 5 and under are no charge. Exceptions apply.

Escape from the Grande Strand Hotel

You Can Check in, but Can You Check Out?

60 Minute Duration | 2 – 8 Players | $29.95 Per Person
A luxurious oceanfront resort located on Myrtle Beach’s Grand Strand boasts all amenities a 5-star resort could offer.

Smell the ocean and feel the breeze from your private terrace while you enjoy fine dining and imported wines via our private chef and butler service.

24-hour guest relations assistant, concierge, restaurant, and spa

Private yacht for sunrise/sunset cruises or day excursions

There’s just one slight problem. All guests check in, but most never leave. Where are they? Will you become one of the missing?

Marooned Island Escape

Can You Escape the Island After Being Marooned for Five Nights?

60 Minute Duration | 2 – 8 Players | $29.95 Per Person

Bird Island, the locals’ paradise island, is magical with its white sandy beaches, wildlife, serene ocean surroundings, and boats of all sizes parading the channel or anchoring out for a relaxing excursion. Located north of Myrtle Beach, between Cherry Grove or Little River Inlet and Sunset Beach, this island comes alive with locals and tourists, with dolphin cruises, chartered fishing vessels, and pleasure crafts.

You’ve decided to charter a vessel with friends for the day, and after some time at Bird Island, you decide to venture out into the ocean to the Gold Island. The locals tell you not to attempt it… it’s too risky, they say.

Outlaw Pursuit

Coming Soon!

60 Minute Duration | 2 – 6 Players | $29.95 Per Person

Myrtletown Population: 72

Myrtletown is HIRING Investigators!

Outlaws have taken over our town and it’s paramount that our new hires are nimble, shrewd, and slick. If you fit that bill, apply now with your Team and see if you have what it takes to catch these villains and save our Town. If you don’t fit that bill, God help you, but give it a go!

Sheriff Ernest is the best of the best. He needs your help and will review your application. IF YOU are chosen, he expects you to report at your scheduled date and time. (OK, this means, select your game, date, time, number of players and pay please!)

You’ll have one hour to prove your worthiness. If you fall victim to the Outlaws, there is nothing the Sheriff can do to help.

Are you up for the challenge? If you’re a scaredy cat, you ain’t gonna make the cut. Just lettin’ you know now. You’ll have fun but you won’t make the Hall of Fame.

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