Claustrophobia Extreme Escape (2-players)

2 Players | Smallest Escape Room in the US

  • Smallest Escape Room In USA

You’ve heard of tiny houses. Well, this is a tiny room. 30-minute adventure, Escape Extreme for only two people.


2 People


  • 30 minutes


  • All of our rooms are public unless booking a private room
  • Players aged 12-17 must be accompanied by an adult

A 30-minute escape extreme adventure for only two people. Be forewarned: We turn up the heat in these rooms. Must not be claustrophobic!

You’ve heard of tiny houses. Well, this is a tiny room.

And we don’t apologize.

You knew before entering: This room is extreme.

Not to worry, we’re here if you need us or chicken out.

You have 30 minutes to unlock the code or you become a Riddles statistic of fails!

Better bring someone you like or reach out for us to pair you with another victim… we mean, escape partner.

Need an adrenline rush?

This room might be little scary… just saying.

But nothing jumps out or touches you.

Can you out-wit us? Do you have what it takes?

See if you can join the elite club of Claustrophobic Escapees!