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Escape from the Grande Strand Hotel

Quick Details

Private Room From

You Can Check in, but Can You Check Out?

  • A luxurious oceanfront resort located on Myrtle Beach’s Grand Strand boasts all amenities a 5-star resort could offer.
  • Smell the ocean and feel the breeze from your private terrace while you enjoy fine dining and imported wines via our private chef and butler service.
  • 24-hour guest relations assistant, concierge, restaurant, and spa
  • Private yacht for sunrise/sunset cruises or day excursions

There’s just one slight problem. All guests check in, but most never leave. Where are they? Will you become one of the missing?

The mystery continues… Let the games begin!

First Clue: DO NOT go to the Tropical Mezzanine Oceanfront Bistro or the lobby.

Strange happenings are rumored. Please tell your Room Master that you prefer NOT to be directed to either of these locations within the resort.

Additional Information

Non-frightening adventure. This hotel isn’t haunted. It’s just mysterious.