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House of CARS Steampunk Mansion

Quick Details

Private Room From

Can You Escape the Steampunk Mansion?

What is Steampunk? Think Wild Wild West in the Victorian era with gadgets, gears, and fantasy. Driving you crazy, this Steampunk Mansion has u-turns and curves to accelerate your adventure. Can you “brake” out?

If you think you are on a highway or this is all about automobiles, think again. Toss out the window any perceived notions; you’re already on the wrong “track.” You have 60 minutes to retrieve something that can change your life forever.

More importantly, you are the sole and rightful owner, but this needs to be proven. Swift and calculated actions are the only solution.

Upon check-in, you receive your Esquire CARS Notification Documentation outlining your challenge.

Many believe they have been “punked” during this intense adventure. Can you escape with your prized belonging?

Non-frightening adventure. Not a haunted house.

Additional Information

  • The adventure is set up for six players for public sessions. Remaining availability is shown when booking your preferred adventure time.
  • IF YOU DO NOT BOOK THE ENTIRE ROOM, YOU WILL be paired with other guests.
  • Children aged 12 to 17 require a parent or guardian to participate in the adventure game.
  • Children under 12 require an adventure game START time before 7 p.m. or should be booked on a private family session.
  • Children ages 6 to 11 may play with parents in a private game.