Myrtletown Wagon Trail Escape

Players: $50 Minimum (2 to 8 players) Each Game is a PRIVATE Game |Family-oriented, Non-Scary, Groups Welcome.

  • Family Friendly
Young Child
Private Room Minimum

Each game is completely different based on your group of players and only your group as a private game. Challenging puzzles and activities modified for each group and age span of participants.; suitable for all ages. Groups with younger players will receive more attention and assistance as needed. All Adults? You're on your own! *Every game is a private game.


$50 minimum per game for 2 to 8    *More players within the same party may participate.

Each game is a private game for just your group. We do not mix groups with this game.



  • Players under age 17 must be accompanied by an adult

Group reservations accepted and offered outside of normal game hours. Please text or call: 843-213-1586

Minimum show/game pricing: $50.00
Recommended group size: Two to eight players (we can work with larger groups)
Larger groups may divide into smaller groups and follow each other in sequence in separate games.
Most groups should escape within one hour. Others may take a little longer, but sooner or later, you’ll escape.

*Note 1: Minimum show/game pricing is $50.00 for any game to maintain a private game/show for your party. Additional tickets may be purchased to accommodate your party for groups over the minimum pricing.

**Note 2: If you bring crying babies or toddlers/children that disrupt the game, expect the town folk to help you “escape quicker!” Just sayin’…

Myrtletown Wagon Trail
Each game is an interactive show/game with live actors and your party. Parties remain together during the entire event which lasts approx. 55 to 75 minutes.
About the Game:
Myrtletown Wagon Trail, population: 22

Betcha didn’t know there once was a Wagon Trail in Myrtle Beach.
Provisioned and ready to head west in search of real gold, this group of East Coast wanna-be westerners never made it off the beach.

OK, so we’ve made all this up; just roll with it please!!

The Wagon Trail’s main gold accumulation “went missing” some time back and bits of their stash continue to disappear.
Without this precious metal, their means to buy and sell, they cannot leave.
They are looking for good samaritans to help ’em round up the culprits that aim to keep ’em in Myrtletown and ultimately find their missing gold.
That’s where you come in, Pardners.
Are ye smart ‘nough to see what this little town cannot? Could the thief be right under their mustaches? Is the town destined to remain at the beach forever?
Join us for a comedic, fun-filled, interactive escape game with live actors.  Laughter is contagious.
Each game’s outcome is completely different, based on the players and their moves during the game.
*Solve puzzles, clues, and riddles to escape the Wagon Trail if you can reveal the outlaws that continue to plague this little town.
Family-friendly and non-scary

Reservations  Required
This is a rolling or continuous INDOOR escape game.
We try to keep the game start at your appointed time.

Please note, we may be running a few minutes behind or early as this is a live game with live personal interaction.

Each group remains together throughout the show/game as a private game.

Perfect for Birthday and Wedding Celebrations.

Give us a little “dirt” ahead of time if you have a player that needs our ” comedic love.”

Reserve online!

Call or Text
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